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Can't Go Yourself?
Send Us Instead!

We'll take Care of your relative's Yahrtzeit in Israel

How It Works

Schedule A Yahrtzeit

Hire us to visit your relative's Kever on their Yahrtzeit.
Price: $1,150
We Arrange The Minyan

Let us take care of all the details! We organize a Minyan to recite Tehillim and Kaddish.
Zoom In

 Join in on Zoom and share the Yahrtzeit with your whole family.

Who We Are

We are a Kollel family living in Yerushalayim. We founded Nishmas with the goal of helping everyone be able to have a Minyan at the Kever of their relative here in Israel on the Yahrtzeit.

In addition, our goal is to help support Avrechim and Bochurim living here in Israel as well as Torah institutions.

Other Services We Offer

Saying Kaddish
Tehillim At
The Kosel
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Dedicate A
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