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About Us

We are a Kollel family living in Yerushalayim. We are people who take seriously our commitment to our community and the Jewish people as a whole, seeing ourselves as responsible for one another through whatever we do. We felt that we wanted to live our lives being involved in benefiting Klal Yisrael across the board, in whatever way we could.

Nishmas was our answer. Through Nishmas, we can help Jews all over the world connect and uplift their loved ones resting here in Yerushalayim, especially at a time when travelling to Eretz Yisroel has become a challenge to many. At the same time, we can help support Bnei Torah, Avreichim in Kollel, Yeshivos, and other holy causes with the services we provide and the money raised.

It is our hope and dream that through our zechus of living in Yerushalyim will be able to benefit Jews around the world, helping them to connect to the keddusha and use it to uplift their love ones in a most meaningful way. 

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